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My name is Clare and I work with words, planning, and on the creation of networks and the completion of projects. 'We Kommune' works closely with you to communicate your key messages, using your voice, to either build a community or else retain, underpin, research, or convert the one you have built. I also work with Designers, Photographers, and other talented individuals to knit together wonderful, professional projects, with an eye to retaining warmth and personality. 

For twenty years I have worked in the world of advertising, marketing, digital media, events, and publications. I have a great deal of experience in editing and producing professional documents and materials, Sir Humphrey Appleby-level, diplomatic rebuttals, sharp, intelligent cover letters, proposals, and targeted direct emails. ​


Creating strong working relationships with groups from many different socio-economic backgrounds, across many different industries, and with wonderfully diverse groups of people from all over the world is my superhero power. 

No job is too small. There is potential for added-value everywhere and we can work together, with humility and respect, on a path to excellence in whatever it is you need to achieve. 


I will probably find you fascinating and am sure you will find me helpful,

I hope we can work together. 


Phone: +44 (0) 7880614102


Thanks for getting in touch

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